Thursday, December 9, 2010

Prepare... repeat

It's takes planning if you live alone and need to be on bedrest for two days.  It's especially tough because you don't know exactly when you'll start your bedrest until possibly the morning of that day.

My call was scheduled for this morning.

I went ahead and had an acupuncture treatment last night to prepare my body for transfer.

I spent the evening after acupuncture running to the Healthy Home Market for pre-made healthy meals and also the grocery to make my own ready-to-eat meals.  I made a list of everything I needed to do this morning if the call that came told me I'd have my transfer today:

  • Bake breakfast casserole
  • Bake chicken dish
  • Restock dog food (elevated on the shelf)
  • Take out garbage
  • Take out recycling
  • Unload/reload dishwasher
  • Pick up prescription
  • Clean kitchen counters
  • Put laundry away

I showered and began to work (I work out of the house) and wait for the call.  I had a plan in my head on how I would quickly shift my responsibilities at work so I could be out for the next 2 days, along with my excuse I would use as to why I had to be out.

I got the call about 9:50am... transfer will be Saturday at 11am.  Great!  How are my embies (I had to ask, it wasn't offered)?  All FOUR are still growing.  WOOHOO!

So tomorrow night many of the items on my list will be redone in prep for my Saturday transfer.

I have also learned over the last few days to ask my nurse for what I want...

The IVF nurse on Monday pretty much told me that I can't do my own PIO injection due to the awkward angle and the thickness of the serum.  She said that women who gave themselves the injection in their thigh complained of pain walking.  While I'm sure I could have done PIO if I had no other choice... I asked my nurse if there was an alternative to PIO that would not compromise my success.  Now I am using progesterone 'tablets' three times a day.  These are powder filled capsules that are inserted directly up my va-jay-jay.  If it means not having a big A$$ needle in my A$$ every night... I'll take it!  I've set my alarm on my iPhone to remind me 3x's a day.

Also, when the nurse called to give me my transfer time she also told me my beta date would be 12/23.  Well besides that being just so uncomfortably close to Christmas... I was planning to go see my family the previous day.  I told the nurse I wanted to travel on 12/22 and she said, "okay, we'll do your Beta that day instead".

Ask... and you shall receive!

So for Saturday, my friend G has insisted on taking me, picking me up and sitting with me for a while.  G has 10 year old twin girls through IVF and insists I should get up only to pee... someone else should be getting me food, drink, etc.

I do plan on being horizontal the remainder of Saturday and all day Sunday... but I will go to the kitchen to get water, my pre-made food, etc.  Also, I will have an acupuncture treatment 4 hours after transfer.  The office is 2 blocks from my house... I'll be fine to drive there and back.

Can't wait until Saturday... so I can begin the next wait!


  1. That is wonderful news.. 5 day transfer is great!! My RE does not want single women to do the PIO as well-- he said they never do it right and it's a challenge. He prescribed Progresterone gel suppository and Vivelle patch for me.

  2. YAHOOOOOO!!! 4 embabies and a 5 day transfer - this is such wonderful news! In 2 days, you're going to be PUPO - congratulations in advance!

  3. Woohoo! Grow, embies, grow! Have you and your doc discussed how many to implant? I'll be thinking of you Saturday.

  4. Keeping you in my thoughts - grow, ice babies, grow!! I love the list - I do the exact same kind of things. I <3 lists. :D

  5. Fantastic news! So much better for you to not have to stress about rearranging work and five day embies are much better at latching on :)
    So pleased for you! What a wonderful Christmas present a BFP will be. Good luck!!

  6. Great news! Not much longer for your transfer and your test! Exciting! and so many exclamation marks, lol!!

  7. If you haven't already discovered, you definitely need a panty liner during the progesterone suppositories. The... um... discharge is pretty gross.

    But hooray I am really excited for you to be PUPO!

  8. This is all so exciting!! I also tried to sleep for 10 hours a night after transfer, for about a week. It made me feel mich more relaxed, maybe will help you too?

    I will send you all kinds of good luck vibes on Saturday!

  9. Oh, I am just so excited for you!! I'll be sending you positive baby thoughts all day Saturday & Sunday...I can't wait to hear how it goes!!

  10. I am so excited for you. I am still in the thinking stage. Yours is the first one I have come accross doing this in real time. The other ones I have read already have babies. I am praying for full success Go Embies!!!!!!

  11. Yay for a day 5 transfer! BTW, I call bullshit on the nurse who said you can't do your own PIO shots in the behind. I HIGHLY recommend that you have them test your progesterone level when you go in for your transfer. Most women do just fine with vaginal progesterone, but I was one of the unlucky minority who don't absorb it well that way. If I hadn't insisted on getting blood drawn to check my level right after transfer, I might not have my beautiful little girl. I gave myself ALL my PIO shots for TEN weeks. It sucked, but it was certainly doable. For my right side, I twisted around while sitting on my bed, for the left side (non-dominant hand), I propped a mirror on the bed next to me while I twisted around, so I could see what I was doing. I hope you don't need to do this, but if you do, just know that you can. Here's a YouTube video of a woman self injecting PIO.

    Good luck tomorrow!

  12. Tomorrow's almost here! I'll send up a little prayer for your embies around 11 tomorrow! And don't forget to call if you end up needing something. I know you have lots of help, but it never hurts to know there's someone else you can count on. :)


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