About BB

October 1997 -  I had barely turned 27 when I met G, my own Mr. Big, he was 32.  My life with G should be its own blog, one day (I have seriously considered writing a book based on this relationship, of course giving it a happy ending).   We dated for a year and then spent the next 8 years on-again & off-again, always drawn to each other but he was afraid to commit and I was afraid of getting hurt again.  We "tried" to remain friends, dated other people but kept coming back to each other, until... in 2006 when I gave him an ultimatum.  He chose me (that's what he said), but his actions spoke otherwise (not other women, he just never knew how to make me a priority in his life); at that time, I finally broke all communication with him. By then I was 35. We have mutual friends, but he had moved to another city so I have only seen him 2 times since then.  As far as I know, he is also still single.

1999 - 2009 - Considered SMC if not married by 35 (then 37, then 38).  The idea came to me after the end of my first year with G, the first, horrible break-up.  

January 2009 - ended my last long term relationship with L, began my SMC research (books, internet)

February 2009 - Laid off from Corporate job of 11 years; decided to start my own business (freelance) rather than go back to another corporate job right away.  Also began a brief but fairly intense relationship with a man who asked that I give him a chance before I continued with my SMC plans.

May 2009 - Had my annual OBGYN appointment and discussed SMC with her; she did an initial workup and referred me to a local RE.  I still had not grieved the idea of having a baby with a significant other, something that was necessary in order to move forward with my SMC plans.

August 2009 - Attended RE Open House, made an initial appointment. Started this blog and my Twitter account.

Sept/Oct 2009 - Cancelled initial RE appointment (a few times).  Came to the realization that being a small business owner was not in the cards for me from a financial perspective; had my first anxiety attack EVER, panicked over money for the first time in my adult life.  Realized that at this stage in my life it doesn't matter as much HOW I make my living as it does to be able to live my life comfortably... but I wasn't ready to go back to the company that laid me off (I was still harboring hard feelings over that).

December 2009 - Started consulting for a local company, great money, terrible benefits... but I was clearly on my way to getting back on my feet

April 2010 - Finally followed through with my initial RE appointment, I was ready to get started immediately to be a SMC. RE found a polyp in my uterus which would need to come out first.  I also connected with three other girls locally who were just getting started with TTC as SMCs as well, my first IRL SMC friends.

May 2010 - Had an HSG (all clear) and Hysteroscopy  to remove the small uterine polyp.  I hosted a party to have close friends over and review my sperm donor choices, selected a donor. Naively I was certain I'd get pregnant on the first try!  
IUI #1 (Clomid & trigger) BFN.  Two of the three IRL SMC friends got their BFP's, the other one lost her baby at 9 weeks (happy ending, she's since had a healthy baby boy).

June 2010 - IUI #2 (Clomid & trigger) BFN

July 2010 - IUI #3 (drug free) BFN

August 2010 - IUI #4 (Clomid & trigger, two back to back IUI's) BFN.
 Started back to work for my old company, the one that laid me off (they have excellent benefits incl. IVF coverage).

September 2010 - Picked a new sperm donor.  IUI #5 (Femara, Gonal-F, trigger) BFN

October 2010IUI #6 (Femara & Gonal-F, trigger).  I had what I believe was my first chemical pregnancy, real symptoms and a positive HPT a few days before beta, but then negative HPT/beta

December 6, 2010IVF1.0 Egg Retrieval (ER), 7 eggs retrieved, 1 immature, 4 fertilized
December 11, 2010 - IVF1.0 5-day Transfer (1 Morula & 2 8-cell embryos) Embryos were slow in growing. None frozen.
December 22, 2010 - IVF1.0 BFN

January 17, 2011WTF meeting w/ RE, decide on protocol for IVF2.0

March 3, 2011IVF 2.0 Retrieval, 8 eggs retrieved, 7 mature, 6 embryos (No Frosties)
March 6, 2011 - IVF 2.0 3day Transfer (4 excellent 8-cell almost Morulas)
March 18, 2011 - IVF2.0 BFN

April 13, 2011IVF2.0 WTF Appointment

May 5, 2011 - Endometrial Biopsy
May 10, 2011 - CA125 test comes back slightly elevated (possible endometriosis), start BCP for 42 days because my RE suspects I could have Endometriosis.  

July 2011- IVF3.0 planned, cancelled due to over-suppression.

August 2011 - Consult at CCRM

3/9/12 - I just realized that I need to update this page... I'll get to it soon.