Thursday, December 2, 2010

26 and counting

As of tonight I have given myself 26 shots over the last 11 days for this cycle.  I have only one bruise although I don't even know which injection caused the bruise.

The photo was taken yesterday, it's all of the empty boxes that held my injectibles to date...  I do have 3 non-boxed vials in the refrigerator too.  I'm planning to take a photo of all of it once I'm down to just shooting up the PIO.

Monitoring Report
As of this morning 7 follies were counted from 19 - 12 (and one at 7). Estrogen was 676 and progestrone 0.318.

My orders were to continue the same protocol today (300iu Gonal-F; 10units HCG lowdose; Ganirelix).  Of course I ran out of Gonal-F and Ganirelix... so I got samples from the RE.  I was even out of syringes for the HCG so I got a few more from the clinic.

I go for monitoring again in the morning and will probably trigger tomorrow night with a Sunday retrieval.

The biggest of the follies are on my left ovary... and I can certainly feel them now.  I definitely feel super-bloated too!

In other news... 
I had to say goodbye tonight to one of my dearest friends, E (add in the exaggerated hormones, for effect).  E, her husband and 2 year old daughter are relocating to TX tomorrow.   E was a sorority sister of mine in college but we were not tight back then.  We reconnected around 1999 when we were both dealing with difficult break-ups and trying to build up our network of single girlfriends locally.  We did just that and had some fun times over the years... a lot of partying.  And E and I trained for and ran two marathons together.  

E got married 5 years ago in Mexico - and all of us girls in our tight group of friends were there for a grand time!  E has been struggling to conceive a second child and so we talk about TTC and all that goes with it frequently.  

I'm so sad that I wont get to see E regularly (or her beautiful daughter) and E is sad to leave and anxious about going to a new city where she has no connections or network of friends.  I know she'll do great and meet people quickly/easily.  

It wont be the same here without E nearby.


  1. Aw! Sorry your friend is leaving you so soon though we Texans are pretty great so she should do well ;)

    You go! Taking all those shots would have me rocking myself in a corner. Seriously I'm such a chicken. I hated even doing one. Sunday is coming up soon!

  2. yay for some great sounding follies. its funny to think that when i first thought about IVF i thought it would be impossible to give myself those shots - but the more i read about people doing them, the more i know i would do it too. sorry to hear your close friend is moving :(

  3. Wow! I am such a wuss at shots. Sunday will be here soon. Waiting to hear good news.

  4. That's a LOT of shots! I love the idea of taking a picture of all the empty boxes at the end. And FANTASTIC follie report!

    That sucks that your friend is moving. :(

  5. Everything sounds great.. Lucky 7 follies.
    I'm glad you got the Ganirelix-- there is a national shortage right now. I was able to buy 8 boxes a few months ago..
    You are doing great.

  6. You are doing great! I wasn't able to give myself shots-my husband had to do it for me:-D

  7. congrats on the excellent follicle count! sounds like all those drugs did exactly what they were supposed to. GOOD LUCK!!!

  8. I'm sorry to hear about your friend moving. Your cycle is going great! My last cycle I gave myself, ready for this one, 60 yes that is correct 60 shots!! Yikes! That is including the PIO shots. I took a picture of all my needles and I'm going to make that page 1 in my baby book. ER is almost here! Best of Luck!

  9. I'm sorry that your friend is moving away. At least in our technological age, it's easier to keep in touch & remain close!

    Great follie update! & way to go on the shots! Brave woman, you are!


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