Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Timing is Everything

I had my annual beach trip with some of my dearest friends from college last week.  I realized it may be my last 'hurrah' before pregnancy.

I had been watching my cycle carefully because I've learned, when you are going through assisted fertility, your cycle dictates your life.  You must be in town during certain days of your cycle for certain tests and procedures.  Makes sense.

So as this cycle began, the timing interfered with my beach trip.  "Unfortunately" it means that I had to depart from my annual beach trip a day (well, 14 hours) early to be back for more bloodwork.  If things were one day later, I'd be in the clear (for my trip)... but then again, one day earlier.... that would REALLY have interfered with my trip.  

Thankfully, all of my girlfriends are so wonderfully supportive. They are more than ready for me to join the ranks of motherhood.

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