Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Sharing the news with children

This is an email I received from my sister shortly after telling her my plans to have a baby.  We had briefly discussed what to say to her kids, when the time was right.  She has a 13 year old daughter (A) and 11 year old son (M).  I was happy to contribute to their family interaction and entertainment!!!


We of little faith.... I told A about what was going on with your future.... She was so excited for you and of course herself. She asked if you were going to adopt or just use sperm.... She was so grown up about it all; it was like I was talking to you.... 

I told her that we hadn't told M (her little brother) yet, so of course she walks in the house so excited and trys to contain her excitement in front of him, but says to her dad "I know".... of course M wants to know what she I challenged A to explain it so he could understand. As soon as M heard the word "sperm" he decided he didn't want to know. A went after her Science Textbook in her room so she could show M what the egg and the sperm do.... 

All of this is cracking all of us up of course, because M just didn't want to know. I hope we didn't tramatize him. Very fun night!

She told us that it reminded her of that movie....thinking....thinking...thinking....oh yeah...."Baby Mama" ..... Good family interaction night. Thanks.

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