Sunday, June 27, 2010

The SuperWoman Inside

Recently a good friend, L, was telling a story.  In that story L mentioned fixing the heating element in her dryer, although that was a minor detail and not the focus of the story.  Thinking back,  I can't remember what the original story was about because we made her back-up and tell us about fixing the dryer herself.  

In short, she went out, found the right part, came home, took the dryer apart, removed the broken part, installed the replacement part and put the dryer back together - all while her kids were at school and her husband was at work.  

L has always been an amazing person but this showed her strengths in a new light... powerful, capable (of doing anything she sets her mind to), determined.

When something needs to be fixed, I call my best buddy J, my dad or a professional.   If it's something I can live with for a while, I just put it on my "get around to it" list to have addressed someday; that's a dangerously long list.

This weekend, I used the inspiration provided by L and successfully tackled a plumbing job AND self-injected my trigger shot.

My bathroom sink has been clogged for a long time.  Tired of living with it and knowing it's not a rocket science type fix, I googled "how to unclog a drain" and read up on it and watched a short video.  The guy in the video said it should take about 10 minutes.  Of course it took me a good bit longer, as in it took several hours over 2 days.  This is because I made it a bit more complicated than it should have been and the hours spent was due to a problem I was having reconnecting the PVC pipe without leaks.  I got so frustrated with it that I had to let it go last night - and I ignored it most of the day today.

In the meantime, today was the day for my Ovidrel trigger shot.  While I could have asked one of many people to do it for me, I really felt like it was something I needed to do for myself.  I am very skittish of needles and sharp objects.  I turn my head away and clench my teeth every time I have blood drawn.  But when it comes down to doing something for this child I've not met yet but who I already love tremendously, I'll gladly step out of my comfort zone.   And so I did.  And it was fine. 

And that's all it took for me to go back to the leaky pipe in the bathroom and try a new strategy to connect the pipe.  And it worked.  I was done within a couple of minutes.

Small successes like being my own plumber and nurse should help reassure my future child that he/she will be in great hands with me as a mommy!


  1. Congrats on your plumbing and self-injection! I must say that your friend L sounds just. like. me. Heating elements and thermostats on dryers are pretty easy. Also, spark plugs on a car aren't too hard either. lol

    I have a husband who is not too handy so have just jumped in to do a lot of stuff myself. It's quite satisfying when you realize that there are many many thing things that are actually easier than we thought.

    Congrats again!

  2. Woohooo! Congrats on two major accomplishments!!!

  3. You're very resourceful! I'm like you, calling in a family member or a professional to fix something. I'm inspired... next time something breaks I'm going to try fixing it myself. I'll let you know if I loose a finger or something.

  4. Just happened upon your blog & noticed you're already following me, lol!

    Way to be resourceful! My Dad taught me a lot about tools & DIY stuff because he didn't want me to be dependent on a man (maybe why I'm still single, lol) but I've never attempted a drain!! Good for you!!


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