Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Knock me up, please!

Today was the day for my second attempt to get pregnant!  I had to wait an extra couple of days (today is CD16).  The OPK has been smiling since Monday evening (still smiling) and my progesterone today was 2.08 (yesterday it was 0.45).  My doctor likes any progesterone over 1.5.

Upon thawing out my Swimmers for their mission, they were only at 8mm (last month they were at 22mm).  How can the same donor differ so much? My clinic put an inquiry into the cryobank (which will take about 10 days for response).  Since today was the day, I didn't hesitate when asked if I wanted to open and add a second vial to the mix (that makes $1260 in Swimmers used today), leaving me with one vial left (originally ordered four).  Here's hoping that last vial is never needed!

This combined set of Swimmers had good numbers.  The total was 23mm, 90% motility.  Great numbers, but I expected that from a single vial!

My doctor and nurse are on vacation this week so another doctor performed the IUI.  He was very good, explained things as he went (I like doctors who tell me what's going on and what it means... I'm the kind of person who needs to understand the details).

My official test date is July 12.  My expected AF date is July 11.... here's hoping AF doesn't come for a long, long, long (x40 weeks) time!

Positive thoughts & Baby Dust!!!


  1. Very exciting! Here's hoping your 2ww goes by quickly and you don't need the cryobank to reimburse you!

  2. Our REs are in the same town, but so so different! My specimens were 7.6, 8 and 5.2 million for tries 1,2 and 3, respectively. And it was the 5.2 that knocked me up. I asked my RE about it last week, because I hear so many women saying 10+ million per specimen, and he seemed surprised by that number. And I talked to the lab supervisor today who said the same thing. She thought all those numbers were great, while your doc thought it was low (and from what I can gather, most docs say the same thing as yours). Weird.

    But back to the most important part, which is SWIM LITTLE GUYS, SWIM!!!! Wishing you lots of sticky baby dust!!!

  3. I'm not sure the motility of my 1st try but I know this time there were only 3+ million with 90% RE is okay with a minimum of 1 go figure!

    Big BIG hopes for you & lots of baby dust!!


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