Sunday, October 31, 2010


Yesterday (11dpiui) I took two HPTs... the first one (from was first thing in the morning.  Initially it looked like all others, blank white space.  When I looked at it about 15 minutes later I thought I saw a faint second line... but so faint that it could have been my eyes (aka my head) playing tricks on me.

Later in the day I took a Clear Blue Easy HPT.  This one showed a distinctive faint vertical line (to make plus sign).

This morning (12dpiui) I took two tests.  First I used another with the same result... nothing, then maybe something, but too difficult to tell.

I was out of tests so I ran to the grocery store down the street and picked up two sets of tests along with a few other grocery items.  And it amazes me that the cashier and bagger both made comments about my HPT purchase (talking about how many they bought when they got pregnant).  Am I being sensitive that it bothers me when the employees discuss my purchases?

Anyway, I came home and used the EPT and nothing...

My BBT also dropped today, from 6 straight days between 98.4 - 98.6, today it was 98.1 (I'm trying to justify that I was so cold before I got up, it was 60 in my house - I had not turned on the heat yet). My boobs have not felt 'different' since about Thursday.

Here's what I do know... I do know that I did get pregnant.  I know the symptoms, including implantation bleeding, were real.  What I don't know is if I'm still pregnant... if this will take?

The waiting continues...


  1. I see it!!! Come on little embaby ~ stick, stick!!

    Re: your temps, I had ups and downs like that too. So many variables, including your chilly house, affect it.

    Tomorrow morning will tell you more... using your FMU and having a toasty house :)

    All my fingers and toes are crossed for you!!!

  2. I see the second line, too! I hope you see a second line tomorrow - if not, can you get a beta? *fingers crossed*

  3. I see the faint line.. get darker please. Embie grow, grow, grow. Finger/toes crossed for you..

  4. I see the second line, its pretty clear! I second getting a beta.

    Just FYI, different brands have different sensitivities, its always possible you used a less sensitive brand this morning.

    I also don't think its necessary to wait to use next morning's FMU. I remember morning of day 11, it almost looked like an BFN, even lighter than the last day, if possible. I waited 5 minutes, peed again (sorry for the TMI), and the line was clearly there.

    Also- a 0.3 degree fall in temperature means nothing, there are a lot of day to day fluctuations.

    Best of luck--got my fingers crossed that this one is going to stick!

  5. My BBT fluctuates those few degrees even when nothing is happening - even thought I do it without moving, speaking and mostly at the same time. I wouldn't stress about a .3 drop. keep us update! pregnant thoughts with just about everything i can think of crossed. :)

  6. Thank you ladies for your wonderful encouraging comments! I'm still holding out hope. I did go back to the store, yet again and buy a ClearBlue Easy... just like the one I used yesterday... and sure enough... another faint line on that one. I'll call the nurse tomorrow to see when I can go in for a BT.

    The temp drop... until today, the previous two days were at 98.6... so that's a .5 drop, not a .3 drop... so we'll see. Thanks again! Stick my sweet embie, stick!!!

  7. sure looks like a second line to me. Hang in there!!! and yes, I would really really dislike comments about my purchases, but at least it sounds like the women were being supportive rather than snarky. I always worried that the clerk was looking at me like, "yea, right lady..."


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