Monday, October 18, 2010

Again (x6)

It's the night before IUI #6 and all through my ovaries, my two big 'ole follies are growing, ready to ovulate.

So my SIXTH IUI is tomorrow morning.  And although it is my 6th time through this, I'm feeling good about my chances.  I told the ladies in the lab that "the sixth time is the charm".  

My ultrasound yesterday (CD12) showed TWO big follicles on my left ovary, at 22 and 26.  I can feel them just ready to go....  I'm asking they hold on several more hours until tomorrow morning.   While waiting on the doctor I closed my eyes and prayed I could have two or three follies ready this cycle, since all but one of my previous cycles produced a single follie.  This prayer was answered!

I started acupuncture last week.  I've been hearing so much about its infertility benefits that I decided to just do it.  While I find it relaxing, I'm not sure I would do it if I were not dealing with infertility.  It takes me 10 minutes or so to relax, but by the time the acupuncturist comes back in, I'm so totally relaxed I don't want to get up.  And I continue to feel really good and relaxed for days after.

Since my IUI is tomorrow, my beta date will be November 2.... which happens to be the same day I have an appointment with Dr. T to discuss IVF.  

My Versatile Blogger Award post is in draft form.  I just need more time to clean it up... but I will finally post it sometime very soon.


  1. Yay for 2 follies! Sending you lots of sticky baby dust!

    I'm kind of addicted to acupuncture. I'd planned on decreasing to once a month after I got through my first trimester, and then last week I went and scheduled an appointment for (almost) every week in November.

    I guess it's better than being addicted to crack, right?

  2. Best of luck tomorrow. I will keep my fingers crossed!

  3. WOW two excellent-sized follicles! Good luck tomorrow!!!! <3

  4. Keeping my fingers and toes crossed for you. I love acupuncture.. My acupuncturist is so cool.. I've been going weekly since June... it's like getting a massage, but it also helps with blood flow.

  5. So exciting - 2 follies! You sound very positive, relaxed, and doing acupuncture - perfect combination for a BFP!

    All my fingers and toes are crossed for you!

  6. Fingers crossed that 6 is a Charm!! Your follies sound great! Good luck!

  7. Nice big follies... sounds perfect. 6 sounds pretty solid to me. baby thoughts heading your way.

    hey, and if acupuncture is what it takes i'll get stuck with as many needles are they can put in me.


  8. Good luck!!! I just had my 6th IUI on Sunday, so I certainly hope you're right about the 6th time being the charm-- for both of us!

  9. 6th time is the carm! Very best of luck today & I'll be thinking positive follie meeting sprem thoughts for you!!

  10. My fingers are crossed for you! It all looks good!

  11. Will keep you in my prayers!



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