Saturday, October 23, 2010

Seven Things (Virtual Blogger Award)

Finally... my response to the Versitle Blogger Award.  

I don't deserve the award given the long delay in putting my response together. I'm trying to figure out why I was having trouble making myself put this post together? Other than receiving the nod during my 5th BFN something has been holding me back... I'm not quite sure still what has been holding me back, but here goes.

Here are the rules:
  • Thank and link back to the person nice enough to give you the award
  • Share seven things about yourself
  • Pass the award along to seven other bloggers who you think are fabulous
  • Contact the bloggers you chose and let them know about the award
First, a thank you to all of the nods that came my way. I am afraid I didn't capture everyone who gave me a shout-out... and for this I am sorry. I was not tracking and figured that I would go back and reread those blogs... now so much time has past I'm sure I'll be leaving someone out... but here goes: THANKS GOES TO...  

  • Shannon @ Chasing Rainbows,  who I met through a group of SMC's "in real life", before we connected in the blogsphere 
  • Faith @ Exploring My Options  who I feel like I've known a long time... and my youngest dog's namesake
  • Jay @ Stork Stalking - scientist, bookworm, excellent blogger and got her first (great) beta today Congrats Jay
  • Nell @ Skating on the Edge of Madness  a teacher who I love to read because she does a great job of expressing the experience of SMC TTC
  • Baby Chase Project - who just finished her 2ww with a bit of a cruel tease, unfortunately not the desired result.  I'm so sorry, TTC is such an emotional rollercoaster  
  • One additional 'nod' to misconceived who reminded me that people did want to read about my 'seven things'.

Seven things about me...

1.  I'm an introverted extrovert.  My friends would disagree with this statement but I do have to know someone well, feel comfortable and accepted in order to open up and be myself.  I'm simply not good at small talk so that sometimes makes me come across as quiet or unsociable.

2.  I'm actually allergic to shellfish but never liked it or seafood. 

3.  I'm a reformed workaholic.  My average work week used to be 60+ hours (which explains the 39 and never married, I threw myself into my work).  Things changed when I got laid off last year... it was a very difficult lesson but I have come out on the other side no longer interested in ladder climbing or title chasing.  I'm STILL learning what to do with all of this additional time now that I don't work 24/7.

4.  I'm a reformed careless spender.  This goes hand-in-hand with the layoff mentioned above.  For so many years I would buy something when I wanted it, always pay full price and never blink.  I had a boat!  Now I enjoy consignment stores, clip coupons, buy in bulk or I just don't buy at all.

5.  My house is FAR too big for a single woman, this goes along with the careless spending.  My house is great, in a fabulous neighborhood but it's 4 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, 2800 square feet with a mortgage that now, in my reformed ways, makes me uncomfortable.  I would love to downsize but obviously we all know the state of the real estate market...

6.  I grew up in South Florida... my entire family is still there, along with a couple of close friends. I'd love to be near my family again but just can't imagine living in that heat/humidity again; if it were not for the climate, I'd be back there.

7.  I am so scared.  After six IUI tries, five failed, one unknown yet.  IVF is not a sure thing.  How much money do I spend TTC?  How much emotion and heartbreak do I allow?  TTC puts me in this place I have labeled 'Mid-Life Limbo' where I'm in a constant state of waiting, not really moving forward, but waiting to do so.  I'm not prepared for this not to work, I'm not prepared if being a mom is not in God's plan for my life.

As mentioned by several in our SMC blog community, I believe we have passed this award around to each other quite a bit.  Going with their theme, I'm not going to recycle the award back through the community.


  1. So with you on #1. People sometimes think I'm a snob or arrogant for the same reason. So jealous of your irl relationship with other smc, wish we lived closer so I could be irl too. Good luck this cycle.

  2. #1 ~ you may as well have been describing me too :)

    #7 ~ Mid Life Limbo sums it up really well. I have some "If this, than that..." scenarios when it comes to my life, especially if ttc doesn't work out. I'm not prepared for any of those scenarios and that's okay. Because it means I still believe and haven't given up hope.

    I have no doubt you are going to be a great mom. The road there may be a lot different than you expected, but you WILL get there.

  3. You and Shannon are not far from me. I live in Atlanta. If you guys are ever here, let me know. Would love to meet both of you.

    I agree with #7. TTC is beyond our control. I'm scared too but I have to keep trying... not sure when to stop trying.

  4. Like Paige and hopeful said, #1 could have been describing me, too!

    As for #5 - my house is far too small for more than 1 person, especially for more than 2 people, if I decide to try (somehow or another) for 2. But, since I'm in Uptown, my mortgage is way higher than I'm really comfortable with, too. Not much we can do about it, is there? Stupid economy.

    Fingers crossed for you!

  5. #1 I think I'm an extroverted introvert. I enjoy my close friends and am boisterous with them, but mostly I like to be by myself. I guess I'm secretly (or maybe not so secretly) a homebody.

    as for #7, only you can know this. but you don't have to decide it all right now. there's a saying "if you don't know what to do, don't do anything".. and what this usually means is that if you're unsure how to proceed and you wait, G-d (the universe, him/her, whatever) will nudge (or sometimes push) you in the direction you're supposed to go.

    as hard as it is, each IUI has its own set of chances. What happens in any past cycle isn't necessarily indicative of what will happen in this cycle or any future cycle. keep your chin up, we're pulling for you :)

    and OF COURSE we wanted to read your 7 things. :)

  6. Seems we're all a bunch of introverted extroverts! Thanks for sharing!


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