Saturday, August 14, 2010

It's a SMC TTC Kind of Day

Monday is the "sit down" I scheduled back with Dr. T back on the day I posted my rant Doctor Who? 

Of course, as I've mentioned in past blog posts, I have calmed down since then and my attitude is much better AND Dr. T was there to perform my IUI#3 last cycle.  

Today I have spent the day primarily focused on TTC activities.  I have been documenting the details of each cycle but I had not put them on a chart... Now everything is on charts.

Dr. T has not been happy with my donor counts since IUI#1 and recommended I find a new cryobank and donor Swimmers.  This morning I downloaded all of the forms necessary to order Swimmers.  I also took my previously narrowed down list of 12 to 6 and then to 2 (and "only" spending $190 on the "extras" to narrow it down).  I'm happy with either of the final two.  I hope they have good numbers... how do you know until they crack the vial just before the IUI?!?

Funny, picking the Swimmers the second time around was much easier.  I guess I learned from my first experience.  What's most important to me, after narrowing down by high level physical features (i.e. ethnicity), is medical history.  One of my favorite bloggers going through her second donor search did a blog on How to Choose a Sperm Donor just this week.

Next I need to write out my questions for my doctor...  Other than questions about 1) IUI timing, amount & progesterone levels,  and 2)  when do we need to get more aggressive/switch things up?  Anyone have input to other questions I should be asking???


  1. The question you need to ask yourself before you go in is, are you ready to be more aggressive? If you are, then be sure you let her know that's what you want. A good question to ask is how long she thinks it's reasonable to continue IUIs before going to IVF. That all depends on your prior test results, of course, but it will give you a good idea of where you stand.

    I'm glad you found it easier to choose your donor the second time around!

  2. Hmm I thought picking my second donor was MORE difficult than the first. Glad you had an easier time. Here's hoping he has many, many swimmers for you. Let us know what the dr. says...

  3. You are motivating me to become more organized about my TTC journey... everything is either in a box or in a drawer.
    As for your meeting tomorrow, you sound very prepared. Shannon's input is great too.
    Can't wait to hear how the meeting goes---Good Luck!

  4. You sound like you've got things all well in order. I hope your appointment with Dr T goes well.


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