Saturday, July 31, 2010

IUI #3

The Good News!
  • I ovulated naturally (drug-free cycle)!!!
  • My IUI progesterone was 1.6 
    • Doctor likes it to be 1.5ish so it was right there in range
  • The IUI was on Thursday, July 29
    • Is it ironic that this day was my last long-term boyfriend's birthday?  One of the biggest factors in ending things was that although I wanted a child but I couldn't imagine it would be a good thing to have a child with him. 
  • Donor Swimmers were 11MM strong
    • Not the greatest number but not bad... it only takes ONE
  • My doctor was in the office, she did my IUI!
    • I went in the day before for bloodwork and I would not have seen her if my IUI was that day
  • I have my progesterone supplements and will start them at the RIGHT time this cycle
    • Last month (first time on progesterone) I didn't start until 8 1/2 dpiui
  • My Beta date is Tuesday, August 10
    • I turn 39 on the 7th so the ongoing debate will be....  do I test on my birthday or not?

The Other News...
My doctor is concerned with my donor's counts and recommended I consider finding another.  I've been thinking about this anyway.  This was my last vial from my original order so it's a good time to switch things up (if this cycle doesn't take).  While my original Swimmer Picker Party was a BLAST, I've had some regrets that I made the choice so public with my (close) friends.  This will give me the opportunity to use what I've learned and quietly make my own selection; no one else will know the details.


  1. Those are good njews :-)
    Good luck!

  2. Such a happy post!! Many well wishes to you. I'm for testing on your birthday, could be the best present of your life and who can wait for betas?

  3. Wow, sounds like the perfect natural cycle!

    Thinking the 7th might be too early to test though, you'll only be 9 days post IUI which is really early to get a positive. If getting a negative would make you sad on your birthday, I say wait for your BFP on the 10th. :)

  4. Very positive new! Hopefully this cycle is THE ONE & you won't have to decide on another donor.

    I agree with Shannon, enjoy your birthday & wait to get your BFP on the 10th!

  5. Yahoo!! Lots of sticky baby, positive vibes to you---I'll be thinking of you on the 10th. (and the 7th, for your birthday, of course!)


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