Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Happy Waiting!

First, to all of you who were in your 2ww last week, I'm sorry.  Your week lasted what seemed like a month and it's my fault.  It was my last week at my consulting job and it was the LONGEST WEEK EVER!  Every minute seemed like an hour, every hour like a day.  And when Friday came, it wasn't over... it dragged through the weekend.  So for all of you who had to bear through last week waiting... I am so very sorry that I caused it to be such a terribly long week!

I am now 2 days into my new job at my old company.  I was a little worried about timing not one but TWO IUI's in the first few days of my new job, not knowing the commitments that my boss may expect of me this week, not knowing how I'd run off for the appointments (or exactly when they would be).  Thankfully, timing has worked out great so far.  My first IUI (I'm referring to as #4a) was today at 1:30 and I'll have another at 11am tomorrow (#4b).  This way we'll catch ovulation both early and right after ovulation begins.  

I'm feeling good about this month.  While I picked a new donor, last week was far too hectic to get through all of the paperwork and calls required of the new sperm bank.  The only time they had available to do the initial consultation call (which they require before sperm can be purchased) conflicted with a critical work meeting that I was leading.  I had already juggled things to get to my Sit Down with my RE last Monday.  It was too much to try to juggle more late in the week and then have to put a rush on the shipment.  With that, I decided not to create any more chaos.  I ordered 2 more vials from my original donor because I knew that could get done right away and make it in time for ovulation.  I'm really at peace with that decision... removing the added unnecessary chaos.  

And today my original donor didn't disappoint.  17million motile swimmers.  While I was walking to my car (several blocks from the new office) on my way to my IUI I could literally feel the two good follies on my right ovary ready to ovulate.  Everything about my IUI today felt right... and tomorrow it will just be icing.

Happy waiting!


  1. So, I have you to blame for last week???? LOL!

    Congrats on being PUPO! This past cycle I knew the timing was right because I could feel ovulation right after my IUI. So things sound good to me!!!! All my fingers, toes, arms and legs are crossed for you!

  2. I was wondering why last week dragged! Now I know you were to blame, lol!

    PUPO & your donor stepped up this time with great motility! Everything sounds like it's falling into place!

    Thinking happy "egg meets sperm" thoughts for you!!

  3. Can I just blame you for my long week too?? Gah.
    You're PUPO! Good numbers on your donor! Wishing you greatness today.

  4. Congratulations on your new job with your old company! And CONGRATULATIONS on your very positive IUI! We'll be going through this 2ww together... so great to have a buddy.
    Here's to our BFPs!

  5. I'm finally catching up on my blogs and am so glad to hear the latest! It sounds like the stars are all aligned this time and the fact that everything feels right says tons. This sounds great! Sending happy BFP thoughts your way!

  6. Good luck! and congrats on your new job :-).


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