Sunday, August 12, 2012

The Digestive System

I decided today that I will begin copying my CaringBridge posts over to this blog to begin to get me reconnected with everyone here (and thanks to everyone here who visits CB too). As I am able, I'll add additional color/commentary - my thoughts and feelings, along with the basic facts that I post on CB.  I know this was suggested early on, when I was too overwhelmed to think straight.  I think I'm up for this plan now.  However, I need to get to bed... it's going to be a long day tomorrow and 5:15am will come early!

Today's CB Post 

Dr. M sat down with me today and drew me a map of the digestive system, explaining the various parts of the small & large intestines and what each part was responsible for. She then went over what Ella had lost and what she has left and discussed the challenges specific to Ella based on what she is missing.  She covered both our short term and potential long term issues.  

It was a very satisfying (educationally) conversation yet difficult at times to listen to.  The hardest part to hear was that she expected it to be months before her feeding issues are balanced well enough to go home.  I'm still processing this tidbit.

She has also left a few messages for the GI doctor who has not called me yet in response, as requested.  I'm hoping the GI doctor is just out of town or something, to explain her lack of response.  We'll see.  We have another distraction ahead of us tomorrow.

Mom & Dad came for the weekend and we had a nice time.  They really enjoy spending time with Ella, I love that!  We had a belated birthday dinner and did some more tweaks to the nursery.  I'm happy to report that Ella's room is basically complete, with the exception of some last minute tasks, like putting the diapers, wipes, etc in place.  

Ella is continuing to do well.  Her feeds were doubled on Saturday to 18cc, which is good because she was really hungry... the nurses this weekend pushed for an increase because they could see how hungry Ella was, particularly Ella's other primary, Nurse Pam.   She's very happy with her 18cc/3hr and is also getting oral care with breast milk (a little by by mouth).  

Tomorrow is her ROP surgery.  It is expected to be around 2 - 3pm tomorrow (probably closer to 3pm).  Thankfully Nurse Tammy will be back to help her through surgery and recovery.  I'm feeling alright about her surgery so far although I expect anxiety will kick in by morning.  

I know that everyone following along will be praying for Ella to have a good surgery and an easy recovery.  Thank you for that!

Have I mentioned that Ella hit 6 lbs on Thursday (actually 6.1), her 4 month birthday?  FIVE TIMES her birth weight (and still smaller than most full term babies)!  As of today she's 6.2.


  1. I'm glad you're posting here too! I've found CB a little hard to comment on and follow multiple posts. I'm sending you and Ella best wishes for a successful and smooth surgery tomorrow. That's girl's a trooper!

  2. Prayers for today's surgery. I am so proud of you and Ella both.

  3. Hard road you have there but I'm glad you're posting here too. Sounds like your little gal is a fighter!

  4. Keeping you and Ella in my thoughts & hoping her surgery is successful and her recovery is quick and easy. I can't believe she is over 6 pounds in weight! That's incredible. Go Ella!

  5. I've been wondering how things are going with you and Ella. Keeping you both in my thoughts and prayers.

  6. Sending lots of good wishes and healing thoughts to Ella and you.


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