Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Car Seat Test

Another CaringBridge Update.

Last night I finally took Ella's car seat out of the box (I got it at my first shower in April).  This morning I took it to NICU.  While I was working today Ella had her car seat test.  This has been a 'right of passage' that has eluded us for so long.  We have watched so many babies hit this milestone over the last 20 weeks, but it was never our turn.  Today it was our turn.  Ella passed her test.

I wasn't worried about it.  She has been a breathing champion since June, except for that week after her second surgery.  Still, I'm glad she passed without issue!  I'm happy for anything we face without issue!!!

During rounds this morning, the doctors set a discharge date of September 10.  While it's nice to have a goal, I don't think the date is truly realistic.  The biggest obstacle is waiting on the FDA approval for the use of Omegaven as an outpatient.  It was confirmed today that the wheels are in motion.  It took close to a month to get her inpatient Omegaven approval.  I don't expect it to take that long, but I would be shocked if it was in place by the end of next week.

The wheels are also in motion for arranging home health care, equipment, parent education (that would be me, learning how to do all of this nursing care), etc.  I expect that to kick into high gear next week, if it is not deterred by the DNC which will be just down the road from the hospital next week (the city will be crazy, roads shut down, protesters, security check points, etc).  Hopefully people know how to skirt around the madness downtown so we can make some progress.

I will also have the opportunity to "room" with Ella before she comes home.  They have hospital rooms associated with NICU where she and I will be on our own, I'll be able to do her care, with a nurse close by.  That should help me gain my confidence as I start doing her sterile fluid changes daily and operating the pumps.

I'm still trying to fine tune other details while being effective at work.  I need to get a lot done from a work perspective so I don't leave things a mess as I take additional time off 

Oh, and the doctor has now ordered that Ella sleep in her crib like all other babies... with no blankets, on her back.  The little one loves to sleep on her tummy so I feel bad for her nurse tonight, as she is forced to break that habit.  I did leave her swaddled on her back, I hope she adjusts well, for the nurses sake!


  1. Poor Ella, having to switch to her back. Though it's a good sign they're making real progress to letting you bring her home!

  2. look at that big girl in her footie pajamas, sitting up in her car seat!!! yeah!

    It's VERY GOOD that they are teaching her to sleep on her back BEFORE you bring her home! at least that is ONE hurdle you won't have to deal with (at least somewhat).

    i won't congratulate you yet but that's exciting progress!

  3. Car seat test, very exciting!
    It's always nice to see the other mom's bringing in the carseat because it reminds me that babies do go home eventually! I'll keep my fingers crossed that 9/10 is the big day!

  4. Yeah Ella!! She's so close to coming home! You've both come so far. Hope she does well on her back. But she's a rock star do I'm sure she'll adjust fine.

  5. Wow! You two have come so far! Way to go, Ella!

  6. Wonderful that she passed her test and that her coming home is in the imminent future. Hope she can adjust to back sleeping.

  7. Wonderful!

    Tiny Boy also had to do a carseat test (at our hospital it's routine for all babies under 5.5 lbs).

    How exciting that homecoming is SOON!

  8. Exciting! So glad to hear she's getting closer to coming home. Yay!

  9. Hey, great news! I'm excited to read that she'll be home soon!

  10. Go Ella!! You are both amazing and I pray that this is one of the last tests!

  11. Great news! She is just too cute posing in her carseat!


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