Tuesday, August 21, 2012

A Good Week

Oops!  I wrote this on CB Saturday and forgot to cross-post it.  It's a bit out of date now as E turned into a fusspot Sunday, and it continues.  And we had a scare with blood in her diaper yesterday, but it's been ruled to be from a "fisher".  My fussy baby stays up ALL day, demands to be held - which doesn't even always sooth her - requiring the NICU nurses to tag team holding her throughout the day.  We believe she is simply hungry... wish that were as easy to fix as it sounds....

We had a good week.  She came through the surgery "as expected", which is a refreshing change for us!  She was off the ventilator 10 minutes after getting back to NICU and feeding shortly after that.  They moved her back to Special Care, from the Intensive side of NICU (where she had to be due to surgery) that night.  

She has been happy, eating and sleeping all week.  As of yesterday she's up to 6lb 6oz.  

(Sorry Mom, have not shared this story with you yet) Last night, the nurse and I were both unsure when looking at her poopy diaper whether we saw a tinge of red, or if it was the lighting?  She ended up sending a sample to the lab so I waited with Ella for the results.  After her 11pm bottle, the results were finally in, negative, no blood in her stool!  YEA!  It feels so good to get good news!!  

Ella has had a couple of special out of town visitors over the last couple of days.  

CA moved away a few years ago, got married and has a 3 month old little boy.  She came and visited Ella last night and I went to meet her little boy this morning.  He's 12lb!  To me, he was HUGE!  Back before Ella was born, CA and I were planning to get the babies together when she visited this week... but we made it work so we were able to meet each others little ones.  

BFF, the one who flew to Asheville the day Ella was born, came to town today.  She had not seen Ella since she was 3 days old.  She has enjoyed getting to cuddle with her, and I've enjoyed catching up!

I was informed this week that, with doctor's permission, I should be able to take Ella out on the patio near NICU to get some secluded fresh air.  Ella has never been outside.  I'm so excited about this!  But I learned that I need baby sunglasses and a stroller in order to do this, neither of which I have (yet).  This weekend has been too busy to have time to get to Target, so it may have to hold until next weekend.  But how exciting!


  1. I think of you and Ella all the time.....

  2. Poor kiddo, hope she gets better soon. Glad your mom is able to come be with her.

  3. Not sure if you can wait but I have some baby sunglasses I am happy to send to you. I am in Toronto, Ontario but I could run down to the post office and ask how quickly they can get to you. Email me if you are interested kwilkins@mpsetobicoke.com
    So happy Ella did so well in her surgery, what a strong little fighter you have.

  4. Glad to hear that Ella came through her surgery like a champ!


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