Saturday, July 24, 2010

The O Wait

Now into my third cycle TTC, I can definitely say that the period between AF and Ovulation is the most boring part of the cycle.  There's nothing going on, you KNOW there is not a chance you could be pregnant, and you don't really do anything... until CD10 when you start peeing on a stick.  

I find that I blog little to none (although I still read other blogs) during the O wait.  It is refreshing because I don't think about TTC all of the time during the O wait... I think about it MUCH MUCH LESS than during the actual 2WW.  

I'm excited to spend the next couple of days with my oldest friend in the world (not in age).  Our mom's were pregnant with us at the same time (R is two months older) and lived one house apart.  We grew up one house apart and, to this day, our parents still live in those same houses.  

R is coming up from Florida for a relaxing weekend, we go for massages later this afternoon.  

Change of subject:

By the way... Since I couldn't talk to my doctor I decided to do this cycle unmedicated.  Once I POAS and it shows Ovulation, I'll go in for bloodwork and hopefully my IUI.  I will still need a progesterone supplement during the 2WW but no Clomid or Trigger shot this month.  I'm not necessarily confident that this is the best approach but since I couldn't ask my doctor and I wanted to try unmedicated, here I am.  I still have hope this cycle will be successful - I'm just not banking on it.


  1. I'm glad you're doing a cycle this month! And who knows - women get their BFPs all the time on nonmedicated cycles!

    I hope you have a wonderful time with your friend.

  2. Enjoy your visit with your friend!

    And who knows...this cycle is just as likely to the THE cycle for you! I'm hoping it will be for you!

  3. Unmedicated works all the time. That was my initial approach and would have been used had I not done the Ovidrel as a backup. Funny enough, I don't think the Ovidrel did much more than give me early pregnancy symptoms cause I ovulated about the same as usual. Good luck! You've got as good a shot now as ever.


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