Wednesday, July 7, 2010

I'm Glad I Asked!

Let this be a lesson to anyone reading who is TTC....  ask for what you need!

The result of my progesterone test today was 11.5; the nurse stated it's a "little low" (the doctor likes to see it over 15).  I have started a supplement called Crinone, once a day (thanks for the feedback on the best supplement, Shannon, it helped me make the decision easy).  

Mom wanted to know what the progesterone means, here's what I told her:  

The insert says:  The progesterone will help prepare the lining of your uterus so that it is ready to receive and nourish a fertilized egg.  If pregnancy occurs, the suppliment may be used for 10 - 12 weeks until production of progesterone by the placenta is adequate.

Now to continue with the wonderful 2ww.


  1. I am so glad you went with your gut instinct I am a mom that needs progesterone, mine was always low (at least for both of my pregnancies) and without I was unable to carry by baby through the first trimester! Way to go- some times health care professionals miss this stuff or don't take it as seriously as (I think) they should- good thing you pursued this further!

  2. Good for you!!!

    Thinking sticky-baby thoughts for you!!!

  3. My Re told me that there are no known studies that actually prove that progesterone supplements actually do help in the first trimester. However, I was put on the supplements anyway.

  4. Wow, I'm so very glad you did ask! Fingers crossed for a BFP this weekend!!!


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