Monday, May 17, 2010

How many False Start's does it take?

I started this blog nearly 9 months ago (an ironic number). It was a False Start.

I cancelled my appointment with the reproductive endocrinologist (RE) 3 times.

Things I didn't cover in my first post include - after a long, secure, successful career I was laid off in early 2009. After the layoff, I decided to try to make it on my own, freelancing. While I enjoyed the freelancing schedule and creativity, the lack of secure income (too small to cover my mortgage) caused more anxiety than it was worth... I learned this lesson late in the year.

Deciding that making a secure income was more important than how I made my income (so I did not have to give up my dreams), I went back to corporate life toward the end of the year.

Since returning to a secure income, I've had (and kept) several appointments with my RE, had an HCG test (tubes are clear) and a hysteroscopy (surgery to remove a polyp in my uterus). This morning I ordered my Swimmers and I am waiting on my next cycle for my first 'try'.

Just this past weekend I had a Swimmer Party, picking my final donor 'swimmers'. My next post will be on this overwhelming process.

I've been thinking about moving forward with having a baby for years, originally it was going to be at age 35, then 37, now I'm nearly 39... have any of you been through your own series of false starts? What did it take to push you beyond this stage?


  1. I always said (when a teenager) that if I reached 30 and hadn't met Mr Right then I'd have a baby anyway. However, when I reached 30 I felt far too young to do that! Luckily I met my own sperm donor at 34 and had my lovely daughters at 37 and 40. I'll be following your story with great interest as what could have been for me! Good luck!

  2. Thanks Weasy. I always held out hope for Mr. Right for starting my family but now no longer want to count on that, I"m ready to move forward. At the same time, I know Mr. Right can certainly join my journey hereafter...


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