Friday, May 21, 2010

Single Female is a PreExisting Condition

When I made my first (final first, that is) appointment with the RE I was advised to call my insurance company for preauthorization.  

I mentioned in an earlier post I was laid off last year.  Laid off after 11 years working for a major employer in the city; an employer that has been named a top place in the US to work for moms; an employer that had excellent benefits (as I've come to appreciate after severance ended).

That preauthorization call I had with the insurance company led me to tears.  The woman asked some very personal questions - as I later realized was to determine if they would cover me for 'infertility' treatment.  I explained that I've never had reason to believe I'm infertile.  I've spent my adult life ensuring pregnancy did NOT happen; I've never actually TRIED to get pregnant!

Well the problem is, the insurance company will not cover ANY costs associated with my testing or procedures because I'm not currently having unprotected sex with a man.  I have to be having sex for something like 6 months or more for them to consider covering any of my expenses.  

The cost-effective manner for conception would be to pick a guy up at a bar... but that's not the smart option... and not an option I would choose for myself or my child.

On top of that, I had to have surgery early this month to remove a polyp in my uterus and that's when I learned I had a $2,000 deductible.

Through my 20's and most of my 30's I had this incredible insurance coverage I never really needed (I WAS a 2x marathon runner ).  Now I have coverage I pay far too much for every month that never actually covers me for anything - even beyond my trying to conceive (TTC).  Have you heard of pre-authorization forms they require of doctors who have already written a prescription in order to confirm a prescription is actually needed?  That's why I'm currently OFF of any allergy medication; so many hoops are required for jumping through by the patient, pharmacy and doctor - someone always gives up - hence the insurance company saves money.

And after my first consult with my doctor I realized if I had just been "less open" on that call with the insurance company, I wouldn't be digging into my "child fund" to pay for my TTC procedures.

Sorry for the rant tonight.  Anyone else out there frustrated with insurance (that the Obama plan will not actually address)?

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