Sunday, November 13, 2011

My Broken Record - The Remix

I've been feeling like my blog has become a broken record (and just imagine that there are younger generations in the world who will never really understand this analogy).  It has turned in to a ongoing loop about [insert needle scratching across the record sound]:

  • Summary of upcoming protocol
  • Cycle is starting
  • Cycle updates
  • Egg Retrieval/Transfer updates
  • 2ww agony
  • Crushing BFN
  • WTF Appointment
  • Repeat
It's not what I imagined for my blog, it's not what I imagined for my life.  This is what led to my silence over the last few months.  

Now, I'm feeling ready to update you on recent happenings (it's a similar story in a different location).

After my regroup with Dr. Sur.ry at CC.RM, when I learned I had a 25% chance of success with my own eggs, I contacted the Donor Egg Coordinator at my local clinic and told her to move forward with matching me with a donor.  I felt ready to move on to something that would give me my best chance of success... 

But I still kept thinking about CC.RM.  An unofficial message board for CC.RM patients that I was part of had just had numerous BFP's within the span of a week, it was inspiring!  There were so many BFP's I couldn't keep track of everyone!  And so I realized that if I didn't do a cycle at CC.RM that I would always wonder what would have happened.

My cycle started on October 13, I started stimming on Day 2 (10/14).  My AFC was 8 (this is pretty good for me, right in my normal range).  On October 18, I flew to Denver to settle in to my new home-away-from-home.  I had daily labs & ultrasounds.  Initially, my follicles were not growing well.  The doctor (and nurse) were concerned, we all feared my cycle would end up cancelled.  Dr. Sur.ry tweaked my protocol and my ovaries woke up!

While I hated to be away from my dogs for so long, I really enjoyed being in Colorado!  There were a lot of women from the message board and a few I knew through blogs that were there during the same time I was.  Our hotel was like living in a dormitory for infertility!  We'd run into each other in the lobby or parking lots, we would have lunch or dinner together, and when we got stir-crazy we'd hang out in someone's room.  We talked and talked and talked!  We all had so much in common with our infertility struggles and desire for our families!

It was so nice to be able to connect with so many women going through the same struggles - IN PERSON!  I admire all of the women that I've "met" through this journey... the opportunity to meet in the flesh is simply a bonus!

My mom flew out and joined me toward the end of my stay.  We were able to explore the area together and she was there for my retrieval!  It was nice to have her with me.

I had my retrieval on 10/28 (it was a LONG cycle). 8 eggs were retrieved, 8 eggs were mature, 8 eggs fertilized!!!  For the first time in a long time, I was filled with HOPE!


  1. That sounds very hopeful...& what a great experience to connect in person with women who really get what you're going thru. Very very best of luck.

  2. What great results, all 8 fertilized. You have to be happy with those results! What's next are you doing CCS testing? FET?

  3. Yay! Congrats on this success! Now you're on a roll, so hopefully the successes will just keep on coming... Best of luck!

  4. Wow! My follicles did the same, unfortunately my doc did not tweak my meds. Wish he had. 1 embryo only and its now gone. I hope you have better luck than I did.

  5. Yay! This is wonderful news.. I am so happy for you. Please keep us posted.

  6. Good to hear from you with this good news. Hope there is more to follow.

  7. I'm really hoping that by "similar story" you mean it's similar right up until the part where you get a BFP. *fingers crossed*

  8. Eight out of eight fertilized is awesome news. Good luck, and keep us posted.

  9. Wow! That is great news. I hope to hear of your BFP very soon:-D

  10. Yay! Sending good vibes for the transfer!

  11. Sounds great! Can't wait to hear what happens next.

  12. I am FILLED with hope and confidence that this is IT! So excited for you, BB - so so excited!!!

  13. Thanks for posting this - you kept us waiting! Hoping you have yet more good news to follow very soon!

  14. Your story gives me hope - thanks for sharing! I am about to start my last hope cycle at C.CRM...I hope mine turns out as good as yours!

  15. Hoping for a wonder next update! My Hail-Mary pass worked, I hope yours does too.

  16. That sounds like some positive news. I wish you the best of luck!!!


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