Thursday, March 3, 2011

IVF 2.0 - Retrieval

I've got 8 eggs!!!

I was tweeting before and after the retrieval, literally while in my gown, footies and hair cap with the IV still in my left arm.  Maybe I was tweeting (after I texted "8 eggs" to my mom) because I needed to share my excitement and I was on my own, except for the nurses and anesthesiologist.  One of my Tweeps, BarrenKaren, joked about my 8 eggs and called me Octo-Mom.

I'm very pleased to have my 8 eggs.  They were using ICSI today to fertilize them, I'll be waiting by the phone tomorrow to get the fertilization report.

Everything went smoothly.  No doubt it helped that I'd been through it before and knew what to expect.  I've had no discomfort at all, from the moment they woke me in recovery.  Actually, the only discomfort I've had is my throat...  it's been dry and sore since shortly after I woke in recovery.  I asked if they had intubated me and they had not.  They said the drugs could be causing the throat soreness.  I'm not complaining.

I'm feeling good.  I'm feeling positive.  The 68 shots over 12 days resulted in 8 eggs, I pray they are all mature and healthy and they all fertilize and grow!  I pray one of them sticks and results in my healthy child come November!

Both IVF cycles, while waiting between the trigger and the retrieval, my worry was premature ovulation.  It's very rare but it happens.  Again, I was blessed and did not experience this problem.

I just have to say that my friend Ang, a fellow Tweep who also blogs at A Few Minor Details, we have been cycle buddies for both of our IVFs.  And both of hers have resulted in premature ovulation!  I'm devastated, frustrated and furious for her!  How could her doctor let this happen not once but TWICE?   Stop by and send her as much positive energy as you can... she's got one embryo growing toward transfer.  Let this be THE ONE!!!


  1. yay, looking good!

    Will have fingers, toes and everything else crossed for you!

  2. This is great news... the lucky eight. Will be rooting for you!!

  3. What awesome news!!! Eight eggs is so freaking dreamy! can't wait to hear the great news that they all fertilized tomorrow!

  4. Woohooooooo!!!!! What a great number of eggs! Can't wait to hear the excellent fertilization report!

  5. yay! 8 is great!! keep us posted :)

  6. Yay for 8. I can't wait to hear about the fertilization report.

  7. Great number of eggs! I can't wait to hear the fertilization report, too!

  8. Eight! What a great number!! Hoping all will go well :-).


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