Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Pulling out the Big Guns

I've surprisingly handled BFN#6 rather well emotionally.  I've shed very few tears... I guess because I saw it coming as the symptoms subsided.  And I'm actually pleased because I actually did get pregnant, if not for just a few days.  It certainly shows that with each cycle, we learn more and even negatives are progress.

I sat down with Dr. T today.  I am so thankful I had the forethought to make this appointment at the end of cycle 5!  Otherwise dealing with this BFN could have been much more difficult.

Based on the symptoms I presented and the positive HPT from Saturday (in a baggie) that I showed her she agreed that I was pregnant initially.  She shared my enthusiasm about the progress, while of course being sorry it didn't stay.

She explained how much we have learned about my body and how it responds to meds.  The last two cycles (with the injectables & new donor) have been really good.  She's been thrilled with my new donor!

Bottom line, we agree it's time to pull out the big guns; we are both ready for me to move to IVF.  And because of the last 6 months of IUI's she knows exactly what protocol she wants me to use (I'll outline that in another post).

My bleeding is AF...  she explained that my temps are still up because I didn't stop my progesterone until today, so they should fall in the next day or so.

Tomorrow is Day 3 for my IVF cycle... I will go in for bloodwork and the initial u/s.  I will start on birth control for the suppression phase (to try to get both ovaries to play nice together).

Also... I will not be able to go home to S. Florida for Thanksgiving.  I had already warned my family that this was a possibility and they understand that TTC is the priority (love having a supportive family).  Plus, I'm going to be stuck working (a lot) the whole week of Thanksgiving... it doesn't really make sense to drive 12 hours each way to work from my parents house, with little time to spend with family and friends.  I'll make plans with local friends for Thanksgiving day.

On another note...  HUGE congratulations for recent BFP's...  to My (hopeful) journey to Motherhood and S at Ticking Clock.  I hope that we get good news soon from My So Called (TTC) Life... who gets the award for POAS self control! 

And to Jen at A Family of Two, I SOOO want to comment on your blog and interact... if you are reading this, just making sure you are aware that commenting is not enabled (it may be intentional)?  Good luck on your wait... when is your Beta?

Thank you again, my friends.  Your support during the 2ww (and results thereof) means so much!  Bring on the Big Guns!!!


  1. I am so sorry that this cycle ended in a BFN, but....I'm also so happy that you DID get pregnant, and that your RE is enthusiastic and ready to get you going on IVF. I'm sending up some serious prayers for you!

  2. Your RE is very supportive and I agree that IVF is the next step. I will start my IVF cycle in a few weeks so will let you know how it goes. My RE said that if I can handle the injectibles when I did IUI, then it will be just fine. Instead of going in the office for the insemination, they will do the egg retrieval instead.. I will be asleep so won't even feel anything.

    Also, can you give me your email address? I would like to email you additional information that may be helpful.

  3. Sorry about the BFN! I'm glad that you have a plan as you move forward.

  4. Glad to hear you're feeling upbeat about moving forward... and the knowledge of being pregnant has to give some level of confidence, it sounds like.

  5. I'm glad you have a plan for moving forward. My regret is that I didn't insist on trying IVF sooner than I did. And your timing is so great since you get to start suppression already.

    The hormones can be really harsh - at least they were with me. But its all worth it for that BFP (that sticks)! Good luck.

  6. I think moving on is a good thing, and I seriously adore your level head through all this!! I'll be excited to hear what your protocol is too... If you ever have any questions I would love to help! When I first got my IVF calandar, it was so overwhelming I thought I was going to faint! :)

  7. What an emotional roller coaster we are riding on. I am proud of you that you took the news so bravely. You see the positive over the negative.
    Wow! I might need a dose of that! IVF! Baby dust to you!

  8. I'm very sorry #6 was a no go...it's good to hear you sounds so positive though & moving on to IVF, I hope, will be your key to success. Wishing you the very best with your IVF cycle.

  9. I'm so sorry that this IUI didn't stick, but that fact you DID get pregnant is huge. You're RE sounds awesome and I'm so happy you are moving straight to IVF this month!! We'll all be following and sending you lots of love and support every step of the way.

    Thanks for the shout out :) and most especially, for letting Jen at A Family of Two, know her comments were disabled!! well done!

  10. Moving on to IVF is a great step. I am sorry that you got a BFN on this cycle but I love that you are enthusiastically heading forward. Hopefully some nearby freinds will give you a bite of their turkey.

  11. I just completed my first IVF cycle and am hoping for good news! Best of luck to you I will be reading, you can follow me an read my blog if you'd like :)


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