Sunday, November 21, 2010

IVF and Time Out of Work

So far I've spent 15 days on BCP (birth control pills) and 5 days drug free. I've been taking advantage of the suppression phase and have done my best to put TTC out of mind, hence being quiet on the blog front.  Things are about to pick back up.

Tomorrow is my bloodwork/ultrasound and I should be given the green light to start stimulation.  If all goes according to plan my retrieval will be somewhere between December 1 - 4 with transfer 3 - 5 days later.

Essentially I'll need up to 3 days off sometime between December 1 - 9; one day for retrieval and two for transfer (bedrest).

I have not been sure how to handle this with work... I want to give advance notice that I'll need to be out but I don't want to give details.  I know legally I don't have to give details, but that's fairly difficult for me because I'm such an open person.

My job entails a lot of planning, preparing, coordinating, reacting, facilitating, etc.  We have some big things going on during the timeframe I'll need to be out so it's only fair to plan and prepare for coverage.

Any best practices out there from others who have gone through this?  I'm going to have to say something soon...

Note: I hope to have a better understanding of my IVF protocol after tomorrow - I'll share details once I understand all of the drugs currently in my kitchen and refrigerator.


  1. My 1st IVF no one at my job knew and I told them I had to have surgery to remove a polyp. I figured it was at least in the same area :)

  2. Sorry to say I don't have any suggestions. My guess is that you can tell them you'll need time off, but you're unsure exactly of when no one will press you. You could say its a medical procedure but the timing is unclear and then almost definitely no one will press you.. they'll be too scared to :)

    Best wishes with the stims, keep us updated!

  3. Oh, I don't have any suggestions, either. It's something I've wondered about, too, if I do IVF in the future. For someone who never takes off work, it's difficult to come up with a good reason for missing a few days without spilling the beans.

    Fingers crossed that all looks good tomorrow!

  4. I didn't need the kind of time off that you did but did take time off for my 1st IUI...I was vaguely honest with my bosses, I told them I needed the time off & that everything was ok but couldn't offer much detail at the time but as soon as I could, I would fill them in on everything...because of the previous time I'd taken for appt, etc, they just assumed I had some medical issues...Not sure if that can work in your situation but it worked for me & my bosses appreciated my honesty once I'd revealed everything to them.

    Good luck...both with your IVF & dealing with work.

  5. I just told my office I had doctor's appointments. I also did FET so the day off for the retrieval and the day off for the transfer so that also made it a little less complicated. (My doctor didn't recommend any bedrest so it was a day of acupuncture, transfer, acupuncture and home to the couch.)
    Does your company have a "use-it-or-lose-it" policy on vacation and sick time?? We do so around Decmeber it is not unusal for many people to take random days off to use up time. Maybe you could use that as an excuse??
    At any rate, best of luck with the stim!! Keep us all posted!

  6. I told my work that I have family in town and will be with them..

    Not sure what is the best way to tell the people at work without revealing too much.


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