Monday, July 18, 2011

Girls Weekend

My two oldest friends came to town on Thursday for our girls weekend, the one to celebrate our turning 40 this year.  It's the weekend we originally wanted to go somewhere tropical and luxurious but my infertility got in the way...  but they didn't make me feel like spending the weekend with me in was any less spectacular than it would have been in the Caribbean or Mexico.

The Backstory
These friends, you must understand, go back to in-utero.

RL was born 2 months before me.  When we were born our parents lived in the same neighborhood, our houses were just 1 house apart (her mom and my parents, to this day, still live in the same homes!).    We went to Montessori together but then went to different schools for elementary and high school.

UD moved in 1 house down on the other side of me when we were all 4 years old (she's an October baby). We all became the best of friends.  UD and I went to the same middle & high school.  We walked to/from the bus stop together every day.  RL's boyfriend used to drive us/pick us up for high school our Sophomore year (because he went to our school).

Funny story that both RL and UD had parrots at their house... my  house being in the middle heard the squawking from both sides!

UD & RL were roommates at the same college!  Today they still live in my hometown (they are definitely a driving reason for me to consider moving home).

We played barbies together. We went to RL's for MTV's debut (I wasn't allowed to have MTV).  We played tons of Atari tennis at RL's (my parents wouldn't buy me video games).  UD's family had HBO (are you kidding, we absolutely NEVER had HBO)!!!

Growing up in FL we were very clever about how to crack coconuts, although we realized how clever our parents were to send us outside to find a coconut with a screwdriver and a hammer... we were out of their hair all day.  We choreographed a dance to Prince's "When Doves Cry", which we reenacted this weekend, surprisingly (or sadly) accurately.

We founded the Huffy Kid Club, for the kids in the neighborhood who had Huffy bikes (that would just be RL and UD) and I was an exception even though I had a Schwinn.

Recent History
RL and UD don't see each other very often although they live a mile apart... busy lives, although they do see each other occasionally (RL actually lives around the corner from my sister). Whenever I make it to my hometown (maybe twice a year) we are sure to get together!

Three years ago we went to NYC together, finally, after talking about doing a trip together for years.  We saw a broadway show (Legally Blonde), shopped, got our palms read and took in the experience of the city together.

We've been talking about doing something to mark our 40th year together for years.  We talk about retiring in the same community (although since they have kids ranging from college age to elementary school age, I am trailing behind in being able to retire, after kids).

They are super supportive and sincerely sympathetic of what I'm going through trying to become a SMC overcoming infertility.  My heart was happy because there was no judgment or 'why don't you just...' statements.  They even understand my current weight gain is much due to the year of super-hormones.  

The Weekend
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Shortly after they landed we headed to a Zumba class, which was a riot!  We then went to the grocery store where they continued to showcase their new zumba moves up and down the aisles trying to embarrass me, they have always lived to embarrass me.

Friday, we had massages and facials scheduled at the spa.  We were welcome to go early, which we did, to use their gym and pool.  We even had lunch catered poolside.  The entire day was such a treat!

We went to see Bridesmaids later that evening.  If you have not seen it, you must!  It was absolutely hysterical!  I actually laughed until I screamed!!!

We tried to get our palms read but didn't have luck finding a 'reputable' astrologer in  We took it as a sign that we were not meant to have our palms read at this time (I'm not sure that's anything but a bad sign).

We shopped on Saturday and went out to dinner and then a local pub.

Each of us are experiencing significant, life-changing shit in our lives; each shit is different than the other.  Yet we talked and supported each other.  We talked and laughed and cried.

While spending the weekend with RL and UD makes me remember how blessed I am to have such amazing friends, when I left them at the airport, I choked back tears.


  1. Wow, how lucky that you have such close, longtime friends. Sounds like you have a blast together and there is always a lot of fun and comfort. Glad they are understanding and supportive of your SMC journey! I can understand why you would want to live near them.

  2. It sounds like a wonderful time. I'm glad that your friends are so supportive.

  3. It sounds like a wonderful weekend - spending time with good friends like that is so good for the soul. What spa did you end up deciding on?

  4. This was a wonderful weekend-- what a nice way to celebrate turning 40 together... it's great to have friends who are supportive.

  5. I'm so glad you had such a nice weekend. Your friends sound like fantastic women. :)

  6. What an awesome weekend and fabulous friends!!! You are indeed a very lucky girl! And BTW I loooooved Bridesmaids too, I thought my stomach was going to explode, I laughed so hard I was literally crying.

  7. That sounds like a WONDERFUL weekend! SO great that you have such good friends...and the fact that they have always been there for you for so long is very rare, indeed. Gotta love the gal-pal time!

  8. The weekend sounds just perfect!

  9. Shannon, we ended up at Ballantyne Spa and it was fabulous!

  10. What a perfect girls' weekend! You are really lucky to have each other.

  11. How lucky you are to have such friends!!
    Glad you enjoyed your special weekend :-).

  12. Amazing weekend! I so envy such long term friendships!

  13. You're so lucky to have such great friends. Looks like you had a wonderful time!


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