Wednesday, October 30, 2013


Nanny L and I held a little pre-Halloween photo shoot of SuperGirl.  I am holding off on sharing the photos until tomorrow... except here.

A full view of her Super Girl costume.
She is wearing boot covers, notice how huge the feet are.

Location 1: Front porch.
Note the awesome carving job on the pumpkin in the background! Go Mommy! 

I'm not so sure about this costume...
Maybe it's not so bad.

Love that tongue.
Her Speech Therapist doesn't love it, but isn't she so cute?!?!

Can you say A-D-O-R-A-B-L-E?

Close up.

Love this one. While you think she is just laughing (she is), she is also falling over.
Nanny L's hand has been cropped out of the photo,
the hand that thankfully grabbed her 1/2 second after the shutter clicked.

Location 2: Side porch.

What the heck are we doing here?  No. It's not going to happen!

Nobody puts Baby in the corner - said because it had to be said.

Frightened SuperGirl?

SuperGirl Selfie.  Love this!

Adding the micropreemie spin to this post, notice that she still needs some support for sitting upright (Nanny L's hands or propping in the corner).  We start with a trial use of the Wunzi on Friday (her PT just texted that it arrived at her house tonight).

You know what is awesome?  Her eyes are NOT crossing in these photos!  Hopefully that means the patching 3 hours a day is working and we can avoid another surgery....

Happy Halloween!


  1. She is adotable & I hope that you have a wonderful Halloween!

  2. Omg the ones on the side porch are adorable :).

  3. She is so incredibly cute - and getting so big! It seems like she's grown inches since I saw her just a month or so ago.

  4. She's so cute!!! Love the curls!

  5. I love that costume and I love these pictures. She is adorable!

  6. Yes, ADORABLE! I love how happy she is (well, in most of the photos!) Yay for the patching success!

  7. I am new to the blogging community. I stumbled upon your blog while browsing and I'm so glad I did. Such strength you put into your posts. Your Ella is going to grow up as one tough woman with a mommy like you to look up to. (:


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