Wednesday, October 2, 2013


I have some very happy news to share!  There is a new nanny in the household. Let's call her Nanny L.  She is long-term (intended) nanny who is fabulous with Ella.  This is her 4th week with us and we have O-R-D-E-R in my household!

At Brunch with Grandma & Grandpa.  Her T-shirt says "My Mom is a Rock Star'
Nanny L is young, like all of our previous caregivers.  While young, she is very responsible.  She actually got her CNA in high school and is working toward her RN (with a desire to work in Peds/NICU). She has worked with special needs kids, therapists, as well as in other nursing-care capacity roles.

Nanny L has the wonderful ability to delight Ella, manage her needs & therapies and keep up with the every-day household needs.  She and Ella clicked from the start.  Grandma was actually around to help out with training during her 'trial day'.   Nanny L picked up on everything quickly.  She takes initiative so she's not just sitting around until I give her something else to do.  She stays on top of Ella's laundry (washing, folding AND putting away). She actually changes the crib bedding when it needs it! She keeps the bottles cleaned and even loads/runs/unloads the dishwasher.  I joke that Nanny L now manages the house... in a way, she does!

She works on Ella's physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech, vision and music therapy homework throughout the day.  She stay's on top of Ella's eye patching (3 hours a day).  She is an active participant during therapy.  She is extremely interactive with Ella, ALL DAY LONG!  
With Nanny L during Music Therapy in the front yard

Actually, since Nanny L started, Ella has been going to bed earlier and earlier.  While I had been trying to get Ella to extend her bedtime until closer to 8pm, she's going to bed shortly after 6pm lately.  And Ella still sleeps 11 - 13 hours a night!  *Ella's naps have still been hit or miss - especially short during the cutting of molars.

That does mean I have less waking time with Ella on weekdays, but I also know it means that Ella is fully stimulated during the day. 

My evenings have been open to catching up.  I planned and coordinated Ella's Homecoming anniversary party (which was so much fun).  This is my SECOND blog post in 2 weeks!  I've also been catching up on reading some blogs again.  The dogs are getting out for exercise most afternoons (we have a dog-weight problem). I subscribed to Netflix so I could watch Homeland (so cool to watch scenes filmed in my neighborhood, office lobby, etc).  Now it's Fall TV premier season, my DVR is getting a workout but i am catching some of my favorite shows.  Oh, I've even started working out after Ella goes to bed (not every night, but it's a start).  

Oh, the grandparents were in town this weekend.  Besides our fun activities, including a trip to the Pumpkin Patch, I got to go to a real adult party on Saturday night.  I can't remember the last time... I had such a good (adult) time!  
Mommy, did you sanitize these pumpkins before setting me down?

She's so close to sitting independently.  

I guess Nanny L makes me feel like I have a partner, in a way.  And most importantly, she adores Ella.

Grandma & Ella at Discovery Place
Grandpa & Ella (and the patch)


  1. Nanny L sounds like the perfect dream wife! I'm so glad you finally found such a wonderful caretaker!

  2. Wow, I'm kind of jealous!! I need someone to (help) manage MY household! Congrats on such a great find!

  3. That is awesome that you found someone to help and who obviously loves Ella!!! I am glad things are going well. Sending you both love!!!

  4. so glad to hear this. yay for nanny l!!

  5. I'm so happy for you! Ella looks great by the way! She must really be thriving : ) Plus she is super cute!

  6. that's amazing!!! congratulations on such a wonderful find!

  7. You deserved to find someone who fits your household perfectly! Yeah for order!

  8. what a great addition to your houshold!!

  9. So happy to hear about the new nanny! Fabulous news! I seriously hope to be invited to the parties when I'm within driving distance again soon! Miss you.

  10. She sounds like a really great nanny!

  11. Nanny L sounds fabulous! When I start looking for a new nanny next year (sob!) I'm going to be sure to add "organized" to my list of my have qualities.

    I'm SO happy you and E finally found the perfect match. I hope it continues to go well!

  12. I can't believe how big Ella is! She is beautiful, and looks so happy, I love it!!

  13. Three cheers for Nanny L - so pleased for you all

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