Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Memorial Day Road Trip

We did it!  We had our first road trip!  Years in the making and at 13 1/2 months old (actual).

I had mixed feelings about travel for a long time.

So much to pack for a micropreemie with medical needs... (I added another dozen items that are not on the list below.

Outings/Day Trips
Item to Bring Notes
Diaper Kit Ensure it is stocked
~Wipes Ensure wipes are stocked
~Diaper Cream
G-Tube Supplies
~G-Tube Emegency Kit Kept in Diaper Kit
~G-Tube Extension Set The tube used for "tubing"
~G-Tube Syringe Used for "tubing"
Bottles Depending on time you will be gone
~Bottle(s) with 2 scoops Elecare
~Room Temp Water Bottle(s) Use 120ml (up to 150ml)
Food Future needs
~Jar(s) of baby food
~Clorox Wipes
~Hand Sanitizer/Wipes
Extra Clothes Weather appropriate
Sunscreen If outdoor activity, apply sunscreen before leaving AND ensure travel sunscreen is packed for reapplicaitons
Sun Hat
Sun Glasses
Swimsuit/Swim Diaper
Medicine/Syringes If applicable
Overnight Trips (includes everything from Outings/Day Trips)
Item to Bring Notes
Bottle Warmer
Bottle Brush
Bottle Washing Bucket
Elecare Can(s)
Filtered Water At destination
Formula Mixing Pitcher
Baby Food Jar & Cereal
Food container
Pump Supplies
~Backpack Will need a hanger (at destination)
~Pump Bags
~Pump w/ Power Cord Bring Clamp for pump as needed
~Paper Towel Roll
~Ice Pack(s)
Tummy Drops
Prilosec Refrigerate
Antibiotic If Applicable (Refrigerate)
Infant Advil Just in case
Syringes CVS syringe, tiny syringe, antibiotic syringe, Advil syringe
Sheet Savers
Pack & Play Sheet
White Noise machine
Musical Seahorse
Furry Guy The paci with the monkey attached

And because let's face it, my last intentional trip was to the mountains to visit my parents and that's where it all started... I was in the emergency room, then the ambulance, then in Asheville and it was 9 weeks before I would get home... Ella had been born, had major surgery and was 9 weeks old.

The last time I drove (in any direction) that route was when I was chasing after the ambulance bringing Ella "home" to Charlotte.  

Actually, I remember the last time I drove that route from Charlotte... I remember being on the phone with my sister.  She was asking about my high risk pregnancy (as she was in her OB/Peds class in nursing school).  

So while the idea of a road trip now makes this once love-to-travel girl sweat... being so far from Ella's doctors, what if something happened?!?  A road trip to the place where everything started...

Well, we did it!  And we did quite well.

My dream of Ella and the dogs traveling in the back seat of my car was exactly as I imagined.  

Izzy & Ella ready to go!

Faith, not so sure from the floorboard (her preferred spot)
Ella slept for much of the trip over, she only fussed when she had a dirty diaper - and then when I put her back in her care seat after changing it - while telling her we were only 10 minutes away.

I'm happy to report that she went to Grandma immediately without reservation!

Grandma also had a new baby doll that was a BIG hit!

I was not sure how we would do, sharing a room.  Ella (thankfully) has such a keen sense of hearing that me just shifting in the bed next to her (in her pack & play) could make her stir.  Add in the dogs, who I wanted to keep out of the room but they had their own agenda...  she actually did good.  I removed the dogs collars (working on finding quiet tags/collars) and while she stirred a few times she slept all night!

 The video is of Ella talking to, reaching/grabbing, kissing her new baby doll.

We went to a farm owned by friends of my parents to see the ducks and other animals.

Checking out the ducks with the funky hair (like Ella's)

Miss Gail & Ella (this is before the meltdown - she doesn't like "new" people)

This is mid-meltdown.  
 We walked out to their screened in gazebo next to the creek where Ella and I lay in the swing and she took a late afternoon nap.  It was so serene, I could imagine many would pay for a massage or yoga retreat in that very spot!

View of the creek from the gazebo
Grandma & Grandpa hosted a "cookout" at their place on Memorial Day (Grandpa had rotator-cuff surgery 2 weeks ago so grandma insisted on pre-cooking everything for their gathering).

Rocking on the front porch

Hanging out for breakfast

Adorbs all dressed up for Memorial Day!

Eating her peas at the big people table

I'd love to share more but it's getting late.


  1. Yeah for your successful 1st roadtrip!! Does it seem less daunting now that you've tackled your 1st? I know for us, we get better with each one but we don't have anywhere near the challenges you do!

    I love the photo of the 2 of you with Ella in her memorial day outfit!! Adorbs for sure!!!

  2. You go girl. I mean, girls! And you deserve a gold medal for packing. That is crazy!

  3. Wow! It looks like a great trip. I agree with Lara that you deserve a medal for packing.

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