Wednesday, October 31, 2012


Ella dressed up in her Bumble Bee outfit for our trip to see her GI doctor this morning.  It was short-lived as the nurse needed her weight & measurement (naked baby) and we didn't bother putting her costume back on over her PJ's.  

After her afternoon nap we tried it again for a photo opportunity.  She doesn't really care about dressing up.  She is NOT a camera ham as of yet.  Usually when a camera is pulled out, she looks the other way or starts squirming/fussing.

Last Halloween I was in Colorado on bed rest as I had my embryo transfer (resulting in Ella) that day. That makes Halloween a special day for me!  Tonight she is asleep in her crib!

The GI doctor was thrilled with her lab results!  For those who know what it means, her Direct Bili is now 0.2 (normal), Total Bili 0.4!  At it's highest her Direct Bili was 11+. Her Bili is the reason we were on the Omegaven, and waiting for the FDA approval to use it at home... that never came.  Instead, since she was eating enough orally we were able to take her off Lipids (what the Omegaven replaces) completely.  

After 3 weeks at 50ml/3hr we increased to 53ml today.  Starting next week we are to increase by 3ml every Monday & Thursday.  This should take us places!  The doctor said that she would consider another TPN reduction in 2 weeks.  

I had a good interview with a potential part time nanny today and have another scheduled for tomorrow.  I'm feeling better, pending references & background checks, that I'll have the proper help in place to return to work in 2 weeks!  And even though this/these caregivers will be short-term, they will also be able to fill in as-needed after our Au Pair gets here too.  

We are almost through 350 pieces of candy tonight, giving 2 out to each child.  Grandma & I did have a few pieces/set some aside.  


  1. she looks adorable!

    congratulations on the decreasing Bili!!! and on advancing feeds! and hopefully decreasing TPN!!!

    all amazing news!

    good work Mama and Ella!

  2. I am horribly phobic of bees but if they all looked like your Bumble, I'd be a happy camper!!

    Glad Ella is doing so well!

  3. Love the pictures. Glad she is doing so well.

  4. I love the last pic of your little bee and the big pumpkin!

  5. What a difference a year can make! She is adorable BB! So happy for you!


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