Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Summer Bucket List (aka Ella & Mommy's Summer of Fun)

About a month ago I saw the 'summer bucket list' blog posts crop up in various blogs I follow.  At first I dismissed it, thinking that it didn't apply to Ella and me given her age and her developmental delays.  BUT... the more I thought about it, the more I realized that it is PERFECT for us!!  I signed right up and started making a list.  

We have our own 'rules'... (if there are official rules I've not taken the time to figure out/read them... we've made this our own)

1.  "Summer" is a relative term. Our list really encompasses our freedom from RSV isolation season.  
Ella spent her first YEAR isolated from the world.  There is a good chance (doctor consults pending) that she will have to have some level of RSV isolation next season as well.  Summer is not simply June - July - August....  it is April through October...  from doors open to doors closed for our lives.

2.  Activities on the Bucket List Can NOT be therapy related
Ella already gets 5 - 6 hours of therapy a week, plus homework daily.  No therapy goals or events are to be a part of our Summer of Fun activities.  

3.  It is okay if we don't do EVERYTHING on the list. 
In particular, as much as I want to take a trip to Florida I just don't know if that one is feasible.  I WANT for us to get down there to visit family and friends (September/October-ish, not July/August - I'm not crazy!).  Riding a horse is dependent on our trip to Florida, my niece is an accomplished rider and has access to a very gentile pony.

4.  We can Add to the List as we desire.  Any suggestions?

Our 2013 Summer Bucket List
  • Go to Discovery Place Kids
  • Go to a Splash/Fountain Park (done)
  • Take a trip to the Mountains (done)
  • Go to the zoo (done)
  • Go out for Brunch
  • Play in the Baby Pool at Home (started, needs some work)
  • Have new Professional Photos made
  • Swim in an Outdoor Pool
  • Go to the Nature Museum
  • Take a trip to the beach/Florida
  • Take swim lessons (in process)
  • Have a Picnic at the park
  • Build a Fort
  • Go on a Hay Ride
  • Ride a Horse
  • Host Supper Club
  • Have Play Dates with...
    • SMC Families (done)
    • MicroPreemies
    • Others


  1. Host Supper Club! Awww... Guess the trip to the mountains didn't mean Boone! How about a girls weekend in the mountains. (lots of girls)

    Have you tried a library story time yet? Might be a nice activity for a hot July or August day!

  2. Finger paint! We have quite enjoyed this activity. If you are concerned about the paint making it's way into Ella's mouth (which occasionally happens at our house) there are a lot of things that can be used instead of paint (pudding, jello, etc.). It gets so messy that we have moved this activity outside.

  3. So cool :-). I hope that y'all have a wonderful "summer."

  4. Sounds like a great list!! Enjoy yourselves!

  5. Love the list! Sounds like the makings of a wonderful summer!

  6. Love the idea of a summer fun list. Seems like the summer flies by way too fast--work is really busy for me each June and July and I always just want to get to August and then I realize the summer is basically over. I'm inspired to make a Summer Bucket list too!

  7. You're going to have a great summer doing all of these things. Let us know how it's going as you do each item!

  8. I love this idea! What a blast - hope you guys are able to make it to Florida too!

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