Thursday, September 13, 2012

Reality Check

I forgot to cross-post this CB post from Tuesday.  Still waiting.

I had the opportunity to "room in" with Ella this weekend.  The hospital provides hotel-like rooms - with a couch that kind-of pulls out into something resembling a place to sleep - where parents can stay in with their baby.  So Saturday was the first time I was alone with Ella, behind walls and a door!!  My folks hung out with us during the day with the TV (yes, a TV & Ella in the same room!!) was on the US Open and later Gator football.  

After my parents left I got Ella down in her crib, I was so proud (she's still not a fan of sleeping on her back).  Overall we had a good night.  Ella does prefer to be held and is obsessed with her paci that she constantly needs popped back into her mouth, this is nothing new.  But we have some work to do.  And of course, I was hyper-aware of every sound she made, being my first night alone with her.  The few times that I did begin to drift off to sleep, the monitor or one of the pumps went off.  And then it was time for another feeding, every 3 hours.

My original plan was to stay with her both Saturday and Sunday nights - Ella turned 5 months on Sunday.  On Sunday morning I quickly realized that I wouldn't be able to work Monday if I tried to stay with her that night too.  So we stayed with her for the day and then moved her back to her spot in NICU.  

I had brought projects with me thinking I'd have time to tackle them, like thank you notes (which I am WAY behind on), my computer (organizing photos), etc.  Yeah, right.  I also realized that the idea I have in my head that I will get things done/organized around the house once Ella is home, well, probably not so much.

I went to bed at 8pm Sunday night. On Monday I started making calls to line up "night nanny" support.

Before I went to bed at 8pm on Sunday, I finally watched the "Happiest Baby on the Block" DVD.  People swear by the techniques taught.  

While Ella had a good day yesterday (thanks Nurse Tammy!), she hit her fussy point again this afternoon.  Tonight, I applied the 5 S's....arms straight Swaddle, holding her on her Side with her paci (Sucking) and Shusshing(white noise - thanks to an iPhone app), then was able to transfer her into her bouncy seat (we don't have a Swing), not asleep but settled.  I need to get a report of whether that lasted after I left.

No word from the FDA on Ella's Omegaven at this point.  Still waiting.  But every day we are a day closer to Ella coming home!


  1. I just love that photo!

    Hope the FDA approves soon!

  2. Congrats on your first night alone with Ella! You've come such a long way!

  3. Hopefully she'll be home with you soon.

  4. How awesome! And love the pic! There's your little fighter...


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