Monday, March 26, 2012

Interesting Pregnancy Observations

**Warning:  This is definitely not a post I would have chosen to read while still on the TTC roller coaster**

I am currently 23weeks 3 days along.  Just a few more days until viability!  While infertility is the biggest emotional challenge I have ever experienced (and not physically pleasant either), pregnancy has certainly been a bit physically challenging so far.  Here are a few pregnancy observations I would like to preserve, and share with those who are curious.

Before I go there... I just wanted to update you on the nickname I've recently been calling Baby Girl.  I've never been one to create nicknames, but Baby Girl gets kind of long to type out.  I thought about shortening it to BG but then I kept seeing it as BuG.  So I've been referring to her (quietly until now) as BuG.  Note, there is absolutely no relationship to this nickname and her real name!

**Please read the tone of this post as very 'tongue in cheek'**

Heartburn/Acid Reflux - I have finally learned what Acid Reflux really is... I had NO idea!!  I can deal with the heartburn, but waking up to an in process reflex of swallowing back down the small amount of bile that I just threw up in my mouth mid REM cycle is a completely new experience... and one I hope goes away immediately after BuG arrives safely this summer.

Food Aversions - People frequently ask me what I am craving.  I really don't think I actually crave anything... I still eat what I believe I can tolerate (and sometimes I'm still wrong about what's tolerable - SURPRISE!).  Apparently BuG really doesn't like Chicken!  I've given up trying to eat chicken at this point.

Puking - While the worst of the "morning" sickness dissipated by about 18 weeks, it's not completely gone.  I still have days when I need to take zofran.  And as a consistent rule of thumb, all it takes for me to get sick is to tell someone how much better I've been feeling... within a matter of a few hours of these conversations you can put money on the fact I will be sick.  It never fails!

Poop - I have definitely experienced some of the worst constipation ever during pregnancy (this is relative since I rarely ever had that problem previously)... but lately I fluctuate between the two extremes.  Enough said.

Headache - I've been having mild headaches for the last few weeks, so mild that I never mentioned them to anyone, it's just a minor annoyance.  Yesterday that headache turned into a monster!  And it continues.  I don't know if it's related to allergies, I think it might be even though my sinuses are being kind to me lately.

Breakouts - A few weeks ago my skin changed from the beautiful glow of pregnancy to the breakouts of pregnancy.  Surprisingly I'm accepting of my now red, blotchy face... it is what it is.

Sleep/Energy - I know it will be much worse when my little BuG gets here, but sleeping sucks!  I will generally sleep for a few hours, until my 2am bathroom break, and then I'm awake most of the night thereafter.  If I'm lucky I'll dose off and on, but there is no quality to my sleep after 2am.  I am still using doctor recommended Tylenol PM fairly regularly... my sleep is even worse on the nights I don't use it.  Obviously, this really impacts my overall energy during the day.  My energy is generally low, but after some bad nights it's all I can do to make it through the day. My house is suffering the effects of this, dishes pile up, laundry doesn't get put away, the floors are dirty and general clutter exists everywhere (I hate clutter).

Weight Gain - Wow!  My weight has skyrocketed!  Given I was under my pre pregnancy weight until I was 17 weeks, I am now up 15lbs from my pre pregnancy weight in the 6 weeks since then.  How did that happen?  I don't eat a lot, although the nutrition I do eat varies (sometimes healthy, sometimes not so much - again, it's about tolerance).  And I'm still throwing up my meals at least a few times a week.

Stranger Comments - I experienced a milestone this weekend.  A stranger commented about my pregnancy out of the blue!  This means I actually look pregnant, not just fat!  So I bought a car from him... (it was the sales guy at the Honda dealership)

Movement - While I am feeling BuG move, it's never enough.  I still really only feel her when I'm laying down and paying attention.  I try not to freak out... but I still question myself - is that really the BuG I'm feeling?  Some women are not only feeling their babies more/frequently earlier than me, they are seeing the movement and can feel it on the outside.  I somehow keep reassuring myself that I am feeling the BuG and there is no reason to freak myself out.

Fear - It's still there, every day.  But as I've said before, I can't go there.  I'll write a post about it once my BuG is safely here.

All of that said I love every minute!  And in the grand scheme of pregnancy, things are going really well for me!!!  I still can't believe it's real and that my Baby Girl is growing inside me... and she'll be here in about 16 weeks!


  1. Aww, I think your nickname for her is cute. :)

    I've heard a lot about pregnancy constipation and it's honestly one of the things I fear most about pregnancy. Yeah, I have BM issues. *shrug*

  2. 2 am is my wake up time too!!! We should hang out! I think I average about 3.5 hours of sleep a night, and it is incredibly frustrating.

  3. Bug is a cute nickname!! It's funny. From what I've heard about pregnancy, some women love every moment; some women are never comfortable; and most are somewhere in between.

  4. Funny how nobody ever mentions things like that when you're TTC lol. I love the way that you describe things!

    Oh, and thanks, btw, for the warning at the beginning of your post. I read it anyway, but it was nice to know what I was getting into :)

  5. ah, little bug! very cute. It is crazy how fast thepregnancy symptoms clear up right after birth. While you won't sleep so much once bug is hear because she'll need you, the quality of sleep does improve. At least it did for me. I am such a tummy sleeper. I was pretty dang uncomfortable sleeping for just about the last 8 months of my pregnancy.

  6. This is going to sound bad but I am so happy that you're experiencing all these things! What I mean is, I'm just so happy for you, after all you've gone thru, that you're at this stage & will meet your BuG soon!

    Do you know your placenta placement? I had an anterior placenta so felt very little movement since my Girl's kicks & flips were cushioned by the placenta.

  7. I really hope the next 16 weeks flies by. Good luck!

  8. Ooh boy, I must admit I'm kinda scared to hear how long the nausea can last. I guess having nausea go away by second trimester is one of those myths like the pregnancy glow! Haven't experienced that and am not likely to at this rate! I'm so glad everything is going well big picture though...hope you start feeling some string movement soon!

  9. No matter how much you think you know about being pregnant, you can't fully understand it until you've lived it. Just wait until you start peeing yourself!

    BTW, my reflux went away as soon as I delivered. I hope yours does too!

  10. Only 16 more weeks is incredible! It feels like a couple of months since we had dinner! I'm so so so happy for you BB, you have no idea! xoxo

  11. Congrats on your little BuG! Wow! You're at the same stage I am! I'm due July 23rd! I'm a single Mom too. 42 yrs old. Got pregnant quite unexpectedly but it's the best thing that ever happened to me. I love feeling the baby's movement. That's my favourite part! I just wrote about "Quickening" at my new blog:
    Take care! Best wishes!

  12. Keeping you both in my prayers.



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